Thursday, May 19, 2005

Going through the motions, losing all my drive

I have nothing to say. Nor do I imagine there's anything else I could, before we actually get down to the wire at 5:45. Mostly, it's because I'm just plain exhausted. I spent late last night/this morning getting an overdue job to the printers. I didn't sleep well, worried as I was about getting the proofs returned and confirmed on a tighter deadline than usual. Then, this morning, I had to sprint to the HM's office and back to fix another issue with the ongoing mailing list database upgrade; the office's panicky admin assistant was unable and unwilling to understand over the phone how to go about the relatively simple process of restoring local MS Access files to the remote server, in order that the federal office might deal with the actual mail merge. Add that to ongoing stress over the alternating utter futility and unknowability of today's budget vote, and it means I'm pretty much running entirely on caffeine at this point. Being so emotionally invested (even when, as I still believe it is, it is so necessary to be; today's The End of something, and I fear exactly the wrong thing) is draining. If nothing else, I'll be happy when today's over - regardless of the outcome - because I'll be able to relax, a bit.


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