Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Expect only the expected

Appointments to the Senate are one thing, but offering ambassadorships for defectors would seem to be upping the ante considerably. Conservative MP Inky Mark says the Liberal party is trying to woo him to cross the floor. Mr. Mark says he has been approached by an unnamed cabinet minister who offered him a position. "The suggestion was that well, maybe, well, there must be something that I want, right?" Mr. Mark said in an interview with CBC Newsworld Tuesday in Ottawa. "The minister said this?" the reporter asked him. "The minister said that. Perhaps I would like to be an ambassador for Canada. I said, no, I travel enough. I don't think I want to do that," Mr. Mark answered. He did not disclose who it was. The Liberals, however, have denied offering appointments to anyone, Newsworld says. Pfff. They would. Any bribes would pretty much have to be appointments at this point, I think, not cabinet positions or the like; I doubt there's much chance any floor-crossers going over to the Liberals now would manage to get re-elected, no matter how personally popular they were in their ridings. Scott Brison might continue to get a pass from his constituents for defecting before it was entirely obvious how mired in muck the government was, but would even the most jaded and Tory-phobic voter support an MP who jumped onto a sinking ship?


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