Friday, May 27, 2005

Every morning, just the same

Ho-hum. Another day, another tantrum-throwing leftist claiming OMG TEH POPE IS A NAZI LOL WTF!!! A Catholic media monitoring group is furious over an animated cartoon that depicts Pope Benedict XVI giving a statue of the Virgin Mary a Nazi salute and muttering "Heil Mary!" in a slight German accent. The cartoon, a shot at the Pope's past as a member of the Hitler Youth, appears on the left-of-centre website, published by prominent Canadian feminist writer Judy Rebick. "We don't think any group should be ridiculed in this way," said Joanne McGarry, executive director of the 5,000-member Catholic Civil Rights League. The cartoon, by Toronto artist Mike Constable, is anti-Catholic and insulting, she said. "It's a slam to Catholicism and the Pope." But social crusader Rebick argues that the cartoon, titled A Creature of Habits, is funny. This kind of thing wouldn't happen quite so often if the institutional left wasn't so uniformly quick to assume latent fascism on the part of anyone to their right, I think.


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