Thursday, May 05, 2005

A certain natural gift of rhetoric

I like this idea: Even before an election is called, Canada's big broadcasters are recommending shake up in how candidates debate the issues, including the addition of two more televised regional debates. In a letter sent to the country's major political parties, the country's five networks proposed adding another English-language debate originating from Western Canada as well as an additional French-language debate. “Four candidates, in two hours, are barely able to scratch the surface. Entire regions of Canada are effectively ignored in this format,” the broadcasters said in Thursday's letter. They're right. So what if the disinterested complain that it's pre-empting American Idol? We could certainly stand to see more than a single debate. (Though I do question the utility of an entirely-French one, given the differing political calculus in Quebec.) If nothing else, increasing the number of them would force people to pay attention, and make for great blog fodder.


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