Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another opening, another show

The National Arts Centre sent out their ads for their annual Broadway productions a few days ago. I'm disappointed. I've already seen The Producers in Toronto, and while that's no doubt an inferior experience to the original Broadway production, I suspect it's bound to be better than the touring cast. Chicago, given the recent film, is fairly pointless as a live production, the 1996 revival's use of Bebe Neuwirth (or her successor in the genre-star-billing position, Nana Visitor) notwithstanding - and, of course, no actresses today could be a patch on the combination of Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera in the original cast. Mamma Mia, I just abhor, as a sad little medley with minimal story; if we're going to have a show involving the contributions of members of Abba, couldn't it at least be the vastly superior Chess? Not only that, it's running for three whole weeks, to the one each of the other two shows. Insult to injury, I tell you... My point is, who do I have to bribe at the NAC to get them to more aggressively angle for touring productions of newer shows - like, say, Wicked?


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