Monday, May 30, 2005

And when they come to see the sights

A quick Monday morning link roundup, of things on which I have few comments: - Jaime Weinman examines the fall of semi-famous Ontarian kidlit author Gordon Korman. I also fondly remember reading his oeuvre when much younger, and never gave him or his works a second thought until noticing reissues a few years ago, with updated "hip" cover art for today's tweens. That seems wrong, somehow; Bruno and Boots are firmly planted at the height of early-80s Trudeaupian malaise, and to even reflect changing fashions and hairstyles would tend to betray that setting. Still, young readers could do much worse than Who is Bugs Potter or No Coins, Please. - Oh, David E. Kelley. Every time I start to get bored with one of your shows - be it The Practice, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, or even the short-lived Girls Club or Snoops - you reliably find a way to cause its manic implosion, so as to clear it from the prime-time schedule all the quicker. (Caveat: Google News finds mention of this story from some few and questionable sources. I note it only because it's exactly as chock-full of The Crazy as typical Kelley, and thus not as ludicrous as if concerning the works of nearly any other writer-producer.) - Angry in the Great White North notes habitual NDP, socialist and further-left-lunatic hangout planning a Quixotic campaign to bombard the American media with anti-Bush e-mails. I have to ask, so what? The list of addresses they plan to spam with form e-mails (and that's a tip-off right there that this'll never come to anything) includes many at Fox News, conservative talk radio stations, and other likely-unsympathetic media outlets. We saw the Guardian's "Operation Clark County" plan to condescendingly "educate" American voters during last year's election spectacularly backfire; Americans don't like being lectured by smug European leftists. Is it likely smug Canadian leftists will see much better a response, should unfriendly media types similarly pick up on the story? - Finally, while attempting to determine if there actually is an optometrist in L'Esplanade Laurier, as I thought I'd remembered (but the Yellow Pages and Googling would seem to deny), I stumbled across this, comparative diagrams showing the scale of every tower (I hesitate to use the word "skyscraper") in Ottawa, and around the world too. I have no idea for what I'd ever need to know that DND's Major-General Pearkes Building is roughly as tall as Minto Place, but hey, it's neat regardless.


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