Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You're a dirty, dirty name

Okay, now I'm becoming more convinced there's still some big dirt yet to come out of the Gomery Inquiry. Alberta's provincial Liberals are publicly pondering changing their name: [Party leader Kevin Taft] said until now he has resisted suggestions the Alberta Liberal Party change its name. "But my resistance on that is down right now, to be honest with you. ... As the leader, I have to ask myself how long do we hang on that? I wouldn't have said that even a week ago, but my resistance to people who raise that is down right now." Oo-er. Granted, Liberals have had an uphill battle in Alberta for a while, but to publicly and messily threaten to sever ties with the Federal party may indeed be a sign of impending schism within the larger Liberal machine. Some degrees of scandal are just too much for the rank and file to downplay - especially when it never concerns patronage for the West, it would seem. CBC's story ends with this final, wistful backgrounder note: The Liberal party formed Alberta's first government 100 years ago under premier Alexander Rutherford when it held 23 of the legislature's 25 seats. But the party has not fared well in most provincial elections since then. Passive voice, invocations of Liberal founding fathers, and poetic understatement? You can almost taste the panic coming out of that shiny new HQ over on Sparks Street...


Blogger daveberta said...

The Alberta Liberal Party cut official ties with the Federal Liberal Party over 30 years ago. They are two separate organizations. Kevin Taft was just talking about changing the name.

4/06/2005 07:41:00 PM  

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