Wednesday, April 20, 2005

You'll be the front page rage of the age, just wait and see

Now this is intriguing: Martin to address nation Thursday night. With all signs pointing to the Liberal minority government's defeat sometime in May, Prime Minister Paul Martin is set to address the nation Thursday night to discuss the sponsorship program and the paralysis in Parliament. [...] Such a broadcast is rare, but with the opposition blocking the Liberal legislative agenda, Martin is taking a chance at explaining the current political situation to Canadians directly. The PM would be advised to steer far clear of the phrase "I am not a crook." How sad is this, really? While even the usually Liberal-friendly media has been abnormally rabid over allegations coming out of the Gomery Inquiry, they've been nowhere near as hostile as they could justifiably be. The usual media gatekeepers at the CBC and Globe & Mail, along with their quasi-allies at Canwest et al, have been at times transparently attempting to downplay the story; scandal sells, but there's the ultimate loyalties and antipathies to think about, after all. So what does it say that Martin's advisors have decided a direct address to the country is their only hope? Bypassing increasinly futile media spin would seem to imply - yet again - not only fear, but utter desperation.


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