Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You twinkle above us

I would say that the CBC firing their entire publicity department is a positive development, except for the obvious next step: Hired less than a year ago, Bozzo was asked to operate the promotion department "more efficiently and effectively," he says. He was given a target of $1.7 million in cuts to his department. Even after factoring in the new cost of outsourcing publicity, Bozzo says these moves will still save the corporation $864,000. The full $1.7 million, he says, is being reallocated to programming. Bozzo hopes to announce exactly which firm has won the outsourcing contract in a few weeks. He said he hopes some of the fired employees land jobs with the private firm. Outsourced, you say. Perhaps to some Liberal-friendly ad agency, maybe? Where oversight of public funds wasted by Liberal Toronton media cronies will be even less? Honestly, it's like they're just taunting us, now. (Via NealeNews.)


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