Monday, April 11, 2005

You don't know what you're messin' with; you got no idea

Warren Kinsella, despite being lately of Toronto and Calgary, is nonetheless Small-Town Cheap: Kinsella wrote a letter to the [House of Commons public accounts committee] outlining a number of reasons why he cannot appear Wednesday, including a request for the committee to pay the cost of his legal representation. In previous hearings related to the sponsorship program the committee agreed to pay the legal costs of public servants. Party hacks - especially one certain smug, smirky party hack who's written a book titled Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics - don't get to claim the mantle of humble, put-upon public servants. What's Kinsella's net worth, anyway? Is appearing on the Hill really that much of a hardship that he feels the need to insult Parliament by making the request? I find it unlikely, given both the apparent depth and breadth of Liberal corruption, as well as Kinsella's prominence in the Chretien years, that he's not involved somehow. You don't get close enough to write something like Party Favours without at least getting splashed with some secondary mud. At the very minimum, I certainly don't buy the idea that he doesn't know anything interesting or important. I'd enjoy watching him burn. I hope I get the chance to. (Via Small Dead Animals.)


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