Thursday, April 07, 2005

We've noted your motives, we've noted your feelings

So the Gomery publication ban's been partially lifted, and we can blog about anything that doesn't relate directly to current trials, again? Huzzah! The obvious suspects are less than enthused, however: Thunderous reaction from the Opposition came minutes after Gomery lifted the ban. Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay said in the House of Commons there's now evidence that Liberals are involved in a "criminal conspiracy" on a scale never before seen in Canada. Minute later during question period, MacKay said the testimony shows Paul Martin's office, while Martin was finance minister, was involved in the sponsorship program. Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan called the allegations against Martin "absolutely untrue," while Public Works Minister Scott Brison repeatedly described Brault's testimony as "allegations." Now, help me out here, Ms. Deputy PM: are we talking "absolutely untrue" with respect to, say, Hedy Fry standards of reality, or the normal kind? Oh, and Brison? You're still an opportunist traitor, bucko. You pointlessly jumped ship to avoid the increasingly marginalized socon wing of the post-merger Tories, to land right in the middle of perhaps one of the most corrupt (and that's saying something) Liberal governments Canada has ever seen. As a recent aisle-crosser in a position of some visible power in the broad portfolio area, you're quite possibly high on the list to be sacrificed to appease an angry mob. How d'you like them allegations, hmmm? [Brison] said the facts should only be judged when Gomery tables his report in November. "Repeating (allegations) over and over and over again does not transform them into facts.'' You forget the corollary, Minister: neither does repeating denials over and over and over again transform them into truth. See you at the polls...whenever that might be.


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