Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well, keep it up, you're doing fine

Sweet something of someplace. I take a full weekday off to recover from meeting the printers' deadline on a double job by only several hours, not paying much attention to the news, and suddenly there's speculation that the government is about to collapse. It's about time. This being my first firsthand experience with minority government, it's been neither as interesting nor as efficient as the pundits claimed, last year; mostly, everyone's just been walking on eggshells, afraid to provoke another election, even if it conflicts with their claimed principles. (Liberals and Conservatives alike, to my chagrin.) What could be a scandal so devastating (considering perpetual, endemic Liberal corruption of the plain old money-for-votes variety, which seems never to raise the electorate's ire) as to cause such worry? Kate at SmallDeadAnimals points to previous accusations of drug trafficking by Groupaction, presumably in such a scenario at behest of their Liberal patrons. Angry in the Great White North noticed another comment at FreeDominion that would seem to rule that out, however: The allegations are so great that the publication ban will be broken, especially if an election is called. Everyone will know about this in a week, that's how juicy it is. It's bad, but not as bad as the media is making it sound. But still bad. It's about as bad as you think it is. "About as bad as I think it is" would be, in fact, more along the lines of traditional wheel-greasing. If there were direct and incontrovertible proof of Paul Martin's personal participation in the decision-making process, that'd be worse than usual, but not really the complete political paradigm shift that's being bandied about. Notwithstanding the alleged only-medium juiciness of the scandal, good. The Tories are as appealing as they're going to get without turning entirely into Blue Liberals. An election is also wonderful for focusing the mind; without an impending political shake-up, I tend to get sloppy, blog-wise, and pay more attention to television than domestic politics. (Well, it's not as if, outside of elections, much changes. Liberals are mostly sleazy, Tories mostly feckless, the Bloc mostly greedy, and the NDP mostly loopy. Neither the budget nor debate over C-38 has made anyone act any different than usual.) I could use an election right about now, even if it costs me a part-time job, again. The HM won his seat by a razor-thin margin last time, and he's in a riding where I'm not sure that even theoretical Liberal ties to drug trafficking would necessarily discount his Liberal opponent. It wouldn't be a terrible shame if he lost; I'd be happy to be able to shove this still-massive task, without letting down the friend that got me the job. In any event: bring it on.


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