Monday, April 04, 2005

Something convulsive, something repulsive

I think Stephen Taylor assumes far too much on the part of centrist, only-mildly-politically aware Canadians here: Will these connections to organized crime and revelations of kickbacks to all levels of the Liberal Party organization cause its membership, staff and members of Parliaments (of which many are indeed innocent) to question the personal value of retaining membership in this corrupt and criminal organization? It must have been difficult enough being a member of an organization without any principled direction concerning policy, but to learn now that this organization is actually criminal may be too high of a personal price for many. Will Canadians then have any tolerance for companies that are even perceived to be Liberal friendly? Would these companies risk association with the Liberal party for fear that Canadians may parallel them with Montreal ad firms? Will the Liberal party become the new pariah of Canadian politics? Again, I don't know about anyone else, here, but I've assumed Liberal corruption on this level for some time. I suppose it might come as a shock to many in the disinterested centre, but I really doubt that there's going to be direct blame for the sponsorship scandal placed on the party. A few individuals might take the fall, and it may well kneecap Liberal chances in the next election, whenever that may be, but I can't imagine the entire Liberal machine would collapse, à la the old PCs in 1993 - unless there should happen to be a similar schism, with the least dirty and most pragmatic wing of the party exiting en masse. Liberal cohesion being what it is, I can't imagine that would happen. That means we're left with another shuffling of the ranks, with a new cadre of similarly-lugubrious hacks taking the reins away from one of the other internal factions, and promising a bright new era of one-party rule. (Again.) It might be a loser of a platform, and that's about as much as you can say right now. I certainly hope so; it would be nice if some dirt would actually stick and finally be noticed as sticking, because I now have only the vaguest ancient recollection of a non-Liberal government, and that's just not healthy. (Well, I remember Mulroney jokes. Not actually seeing the man on TV or in newspapers, at all; just jokes. That's probably even worse.) I'm loving considering the possibilities of how this'll play out in the polls. But I think we're jumping the gun a bit to play the what-if game with the idea that the Liberal brand could potentially become outright toxic, once the whole truth gets out. If nothing up until now has turned Canadians off in droves, is there even a tipping point at which it would?


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