Thursday, April 21, 2005

Perhaps you never heard of treason

"Lobbyists urge Cda. to back U.S. army deserters:" There's good news for the approximately 100 American soldiers who have quit the U.S. military to start a new life in Canada. A group of lobbyists is taking up their cause in Ottawa. Retired U.S. Senator Tom Hayden will meet with NDP Leader Jack Layton and members of the Bloc Quebecois. He'll bring up cases such as those of Jeremy Hinzman -- a former U.S. soldier who went AWOL before being shipped off to Iraq. Oddly not mentioned by CTV: Hayden is a bona fide loon (not to mention a pathetic ag├ęd hippie), one of the Chicago Seven and a founder of the SDS, as well as husband to Jane Fonda when she made that propaganda visit on behalf of the Vietcong she's still rightly being derided for. Also not mentioned: He was only a State Senator, in California. In short, he's further left than much of the NDP, and a mostly irrelevant, national nonentity to boot; that's not exactly the most convincing spokesman for deserters, unless his goal is to more thoroughly convince us Hinzman and any other deserters are morally equivocating cowards. But he has similarly reprehensible allies with him, too: Celeste Zappala is also taking up the cause of U.S. soldiers escaping to Canada to avoid the war in Iraq. Her son was killed fighting in Baghdad last April. "I believe that this war in Iraq is a betrayal of our military, and of the noble causes that they have fought for," she said. Zappala adds that young U.S. soldiers who have decided they won't fight in Iraq deserve support -- and that Canada is a good place to get it. What they deserve is to be shot at dawn, but that kind of thing doesn't happen very much nowadays, sadly. It's still an option, though, which is heartening. "I've always admired the Canadians for the human rights positions they've taken, for that conscience that they have always displayed," she said. She also said she admires people like Hinzman who take courageous positions. "It's difficult for our soldiers to say no," she said. What? "Difficult?" There's no longer a draft, you dizzy bitch. Enlisting during peacetime and deserting once it appears that there just might be a little bit of risk involved in the job is the furthest thing from courageous. Deserters likely face only imprisonment, rather than battle. Running away for the safety of a jail cell is nothing short of disgusting. When is the institutional left going to realize that Iraq isn't Vietnam? Even Vietnam wasn't the Vietnam they imagine in their little teenage rebellion-slash-revolutionary fantasies... (Via NealeNews.)


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