Monday, April 04, 2005

A model of decorum and tranquility

Wow, that's a fantastic Lego scale model of (parts of) Disneyland. If the various Disney marketing departments were far, far more astute than they ever usually are, there'd be a licensed Lego kit for building a similar whole shebang for sale in the parks. Yeah, it would cost hundreds of dollars, and appeal to a decidedly niche sort of consumer - but so does this sort of thing, which has made it to market, albeit in exceptionally limited editions. (Come on, now; can't you see it? Collect them all! Have both a 1/28 scale resin Space Mountain in 1998 'New Tomorrowland' Bronze, as well as a Lego one at 1/30 in 1977 Retro White. I'd buy both, if I had the money, or room to store them...) (Via BoingBoing.)


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