Friday, April 15, 2005

Just a little filthy lucre buys a lot of things

Heh. It couldn't happen to a more deserving turncoat: [...] For more than a year, Public Works Minister Scott Brison has been asked to provide receipts or invoices to the Kings-Hants Conservative riding association to account for a $4,400 cheque given to him in 2003 while he was a Tory MP. "It's still not properly accounted for," said Debbie Janzen, who sat on the board of Brison's old Conservative riding association. The cheque, which Brison assistant Dale Palmeter said was used to help pay down debts from his failed bid for the PC leadership in 2003, was made out to Brison on July 31 that year. But it wasn't cashed until Dec. 11 -- the day after he defected to Paul Martin's Liberals. His official explanations aren't too satisfying, either: [Brison aide] Palmeter says the money was used to help pay down debt Brison incurred in his failed bid for the Tory leadership in 2003. He said there were no paper receipts because it was applied to the overall debt. The cheque was deposited into Brison's personal bank account in Wolfville, N.S., and the contribution does not show up on a list of contributors to his campaign. Palmeter said Thursday he could not explain why the cheque to Brison on July 31 was not cashed until Dec. 11. How convenient. Lordy. Brison has gall, to tell tall tales about Liberal integrity. He himself seems to have been schooled in Questionable Accounting 101 on his very first day sitting on the other side. Who says travel - across the floor of the House, anyway - isn't a learning experience? (Via Gull Chased Ship.)


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