Thursday, April 21, 2005

I've got the feeling someone's going to be cutting the thread

Poor Paul Martin; there goes the plan to preclude lengthy opposition response to tonight's address. I wonder...Did the networks decide to demand the change to 7:00 from 7:45 out of an innate sense of fairness, or because it seemed possible that opposition response would cut into prime time? Or, even more cravenly, because pre-empting the response to switch the feed over to regular prime time programming would be really upsetting? I wonder. On an unrelated note, the government response in today's QP has been more wooden than usual. Even the Big Lie loses some power when Anne McClellan screeches herself hoarse repeating it. Scott Brison also sounds to have been affected by the stress; he's not normally so unable to suppress his accent. Having impending doom dangling over your head can do that, I imagine.


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