Friday, April 15, 2005

It's ridiculous to throw a fit; that's the way things are

Engadget, just asking for the most loonball, esoteric demands, solicits comments for future revisions to the iPod. I think this one best satirizes the species: 1) Scratchproof screen 2) fingerprint proof back 3) local fm transmitter* 4) am/fm radio receiver* 5) TiVo-like recorder w/built-in mic. (option for external mic.)* 6) flip-up USB2 connector (aka thumb drive connection) 7) adapters for #6 to connect to camera 8) avi format movie playback (including output via cable) 9) camera* len forstill & video pics 10) airport 802.11G* (sync & playback) 11) Bluetooth2 (sync & playback) 12) can display/control presentation formats (ppt etc) 13) interchangeable battery 14) larger (Newton size) color screen 15) lighter (it floats!) 16) and finally, all of the above AND the iPod are FREE, of course ;-) * built-in instead of add-ons! If they did all of that AND made it work Mac-ONLY, everyone would flip-flop back to the Mac, once again. Too easy! It will never happen. Why is that funny, you ask? Up until #15, there's nothing out of the ordinary (compared to the rest of the thread) to give away that the writer is joking. There are definitely interface issues that need to be dealt with. Since the last firmware upgrade, my 3G 15gb won't remember which playlist it was last using, after synchronization. That's annoying, as I usually only ever use the one while out and about. Crossfade would also be nice, if the hardware could handle it. A user-serviceable battery would also be welcome, perhaps as some kind of Apple Store-marketed kit with giant EXPERTS ONLY warnings, though I know that's seriously pushing the bounds of probability. But, as usual, the Ogg Vorbis fanatics and their allies in the portable-video-everywhere brigade have to muddy the waters with crazy-ass ideas of what the iPod should be - ideas that in no way reflect the reality of the portable audio market, or the company. The iPod has cachet for its simplicity and style as much as its bare functionality. Add flashy Korean-OEM-alike OLED screens, FM radio, and voice recording, then what makes it any more desirable than the ugliest of iRiver models?


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