Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's not about aptitude, it's the way you're viewed

Vivid Imagery alert: OTTAWA (CP) - NDP Leader Jack Layton appears determined not to get caught in the cross-fire of another Liberal-led fear campaign targeting Stephen Harper's Conservatives. In fact, with a series of national polls showing the Tories surging ahead of the scandal-wounded Liberals, Layton has signalled every intention of being able to work with a Harper-led minority government. "We've shown we can work with any political party on a good idea," Layton said matter-of-factly in an interview with The Canadian Press that was dotted with benign references to the Liberal-designated Great Satan. "Great Satan?" I realize it's being used derisively, but: guh? I thought AP was the wire planning to introduce the option of a comically overblown narrative style, not CP. That said, it's edifying to see Jack Layton finally realize it's in his best interest not to join the Harper-bashing party this time around. There are few - David Orchard's crazies aside - whose vote is equally contested by both the Conservatives and NDP; it's pointless to unwittingly help Liberal scare tactics, if they serve only to help the Liberals. Helping to take Paul Martin down, and keeping his damn mouth shut on the "hidden agenda" nonsense, might just put the NDP in third place, if the vote splits fortuitously. It seems socialists can be taught common sense, occasionally, if they're practically beaten over the head with it. (Via Bourque.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the NDP may end up in second place if they play their cards right. This is going to be a 'Bash the Liberals' election and a lot of strategic voters will vote NDP in close races to knock out the Liberal MP. I will be one of those strategic voters.

4/17/2005 01:18:00 PM  

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