Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm the school bully, the classroom cheat, the nastiest play-friend you ever could meet

The always ever-so-charming Warren Kinsella thinks Winnipeg Sun columnist John Gleason is an "arsewipe" (pretentiously pseudo-British and faux-edgy much, Warren?) for daring to suggest, in addressing a Texan correspondent, that Canada might possibly not be paradise for the rugged individualist: Many Canadians, of course, will ridicule Lee's brand of down-home swagger, completely missing the tongue-in-cheek delivery and ignoring the earnest warning at the heart of it. Some will even say the gun culture he lovingly describes is currently the source of the greatest evil on the planet. These are the same people who live in a country where almost one in three voters would elect a criminal dynasty to govern them; where freedoms are being eroded daily in the name of trumped-up "rights;" where citizens are taxed at more than double the rate Pharaoh levied against his slaves -- because brainwashing them costs money. Who live in angry denial of the fact that their "evil" neighbour provides their defence, fuels their prosperity and beams in most of the culture that they actually enjoy. They really shouldn't look down on the Texan. "As a western Canadian," I said, "I have long felt disenfranchised by our eastern liberal elite and the smugly weak-kneed society it has rammed down all our throats. Some Westerners feel greater kinship with our cousins south of the 49 since after all we share the same continent with the same mountain ranges, vast prairies, forests, etc. "Some of us, when we can't take it any more, even make a run for the border." Sounds reasonable to me. Trudeaupian idealists might disagree, and defend the overweening arrogance of the state as being in everyone's best interests, but there's certainly nothing obscene or despicable about Gleason's column. I think it's just great that (his notably commendable work reporting on the domestic neo-Nazis and the like) Kinsella is so reliably nasty as a Liberal partisan, whether as a thin-skinned bully or random name-caller. It's a handy reminder of what the Liberal Party really stands for - and, more importantly, of the juvenile expressions of contempt reserved for all those who dare to disagree.


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