Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Hollow Men

Of course it figures that Blogger happens to have scheduled maintenance downtime tonight that happened to run later than the projected 7:30. Grr. Most of this was written in real-time, from 6:55 onward. This is the way the world ends, legislatively speaking. Or, at least, how it should. It bothers me that the clips of Martin from earlier today have him seeming so calm. He's not allowed to be calm, right now. The lighting is terrible. So's the focal length of the camera; he appears crushed, up against the wall. "Those that are in power must be held accountable, including me." He claims to be sorry. And reminds us he already apologized. Ass. As long as there's a Liberal government, how do any of these assurances mean anything? That Martin cancelled the sponsorship program on his first day in office means only that he saw how much more poisonous it would be not to. Whistleblower legislation is also toothless, if scandal can't even topple the government responsible. ...That's an awfully bold promise to be making. "At least here, on Parliament Hill," does not recommend him to the average person anywhere else in the country. It demonstrates only that he's as much a living political animal as those he decries. So dissolve Parliament now. The answers will still come out under a Conservative government, and stand a much better chance of actually being acted upon. Thirty days after Gomery wraps up? Just a coincidence that the long, House business-free summer will allow everyone to forget, I'm sure... Yes, yes; we get it. You're among the least repulsive members of the Liberal caucus. Reminding us that his father was a perennial cabinet hack for decades and decades does not help either. He's a career Liberal, as much out of touch with the country outside the party as ever. All in all: Not surprising. And a strategic feint, I'm sure, because there is no way the opposition will wait until next Fall, or even next February. Harper, on the other hand, sounds much more authoritative, and less whiny. That he's live, while PM the PM hid behind the safety of tape delay, also says something; he's not afraid. (Or much better at not letting on, if he is.) Excellent - he's reminding us the PM's now asking us to do as he says, not as he did, in his election timing. "Do you really believe they will ultimately prosecute themselves?" No. And I hope that's been made clear to everyone, by this point. It's not about stability. It's not about process. It's about the One Big Thing, and it's no vice to decide that a government rotten to the core is not worth propping up. "There is no need to save this country. There is only a need to move it forward." In a way, he's wrong; the Canadian polity is clearly broken. But in another, he's bang-on; the break is entirely attributable to the stagnation of Liberal government. They're the party of the past. Duceppe is adequate. Obviously, I'm not his target audience. One thing - when he speaks in English, it's in an understandably terse manner that treats Canadians as foreign as citizens of any other country; that's a good trap to provoke a unity-based Liberal campaign, but it remains to be seen if they're still willing to take the bait. It'd be nice, because that kind of pandering would be even more obvious now. Layton has an uncanny habit of staring dead-on at the camera, which is mildly creepy. Nonetheless, he's doing a good job of justifying the upcoming confidence motion to his single-issue constituencies. Weirder members of the NDP - say, Wiccans - can be satisfied with the notion that even Mother Nature is pissed at the Liberals, even if they're terrified of a Tory minority. Also, his trap - demanding budgetary concessions - is much better than the Bloc's. I was watching this on NewsNet, and Craig Oliver - while usually annoying - made a good point: not only did the PM make a special effort that only seems desperate, but he also, (inadvertently?) gave the opposition leaders the chance to rightly demand equal time. That doesn't seem particularly brilliant, as political Jedi Mind Tricks go.


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