Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At long, long last receive your due; long overdue

About friggin' time: AMHERSTBURG, Ont. -- Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper vowed Wednesday to topple the fragile Liberal government "at the earliest opportunity" as he fumed about Paul Martin's "deal with the devil" -- a $4.6-billion budget agreement with the New Democrats. It really shouldn't have taken the Liberal-NDP deal to stop playing coy about whether or not the Tories would bring down the government; he should have been making an outright promise to do so for (at least) the past two weeks. If there's one thing that keeps irritating me about the new Conservative Party, it's that they've been alternately timid and blunt about exactly the wrong things. No one is going to care about the "Canadians don't want an election" mantra once it we're actually into a campaign that'll be over in a few weeks. Now, I'm just worried about the electoral effects of yesterday's deal...


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