Wednesday, April 20, 2005

And how can one measure the infinite pleasure

Angry in the Great White North suggests a Blogging Tories self-audit of those topics Kinsella the Great and Terrible finds Doubleplusungood to bring up: For those of you who, like me, are fed up with "Blogging Tories" - you know, the guys who use their "Blogging Tory" web sites to (as I have noted previously) defame feminists, gay marriage, the United Nations, bilingualism, immigration, anti-tobacco laws, liberals, fluoridation of water, the metric system and the Satanic subliminal pro-Stalinist messages used on episodes of The West Wing - it's time for a little payback. Hmm. Let's see how I stack up. Though I'm often exasperated by The West Wing, I do enjoy it, and have been known to quote from it. Like I do, in fact, in this post on same-sex marriage. I think Warren means leftism in general rather than the Liberal Party, which I have decried. As for the rest: The UN? Yup. Feminism and immigration? Uh-huh. Bilingualism? Oh my, yes. Smoking bans? here, and to a lesser extent here. Sadly, I've said nothing about fluoridation (no objections; sorry to not live up to the tinfoil-hatted stereotype), or the metric system (again, no real opinion; I tend to think in metric for very large lengths or distances - metres or greater - as well as for weights and volumes, and Imperial measures for anything else). Still: 8 out of 10. Woo! (And broadly in favour of four, as well as passively neutral on two. Fascinating, huh?)


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