Wednesday, April 13, 2005

And he charged off the cliff, howling mad, and he died

I've been noticing for the past couple of months that Arrested Development, probably doomed for a long time now, has been written more or less off a cliff, with incredibly outlandish (hilarious, but still damnably odd) and in-jokey plots. I'm not the only one. On most sitcoms, it would be notable for one major character to lose an appendage. This year, on Arrested Development, Fox’s brilliant, Emmy-winning, and perpetually imperiled comedy, it seems like everyone’s become an amputee. Buster, the Bluth family’s simpering youngest son, had his hand bitten off by a crazed seal; he’s spent most of the season with a hook. His older brother, Gob, had two fingers lopped off in an errant magic trick. In the same episode, Michael Bluth, the show’s main character, had his calf muscles shortened by an incompetent surgeon. Arrested Development’s been staving off cancellation since its debut in 2003, but it now seems like the show’s producer, Mitch Hurwitz, is dismantling his creation piece by piece. Starting with the characters. If it survives to the 2005-2006 season, it'll be an amazing trip out of the corner the writing staff has forcefully and intentionally painted themselves into. Sadly, I doubt we'll get the chance to find out. (Via TV Tattle.)


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How soon till the waterskis?

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