Monday, March 07, 2005

You've never been this way before; where is the fire you built your dream on?

Three weeks ago I laid out the options for the HM, re: that terribly inefficient and probably-unnecessary data entry job. Only now - after a meeting with the riding office - has he decided to go with the second-least-awful of them. This is a problem. I have four term papers due this month, one every week. Whereas I could spend some time not under an impending deadline of doom back in February, I now can't contribute more than a couple of hours every week to this quixotic task, to the extent that even the preliminary sorting of source material (which I estimated to take at least 15-20 hours back then, before the size of the job doubled yet again) is now going to be at least solid eight-hour week of work. Split into two-to-three-hour blocks on weekends, that's going to take a while. And that doesn't even include input into the database itself. I'd sort of hoped he was stalling long enough to deliberately, quietly sink the project, after realizing how needlessly expensive and time-consuming it was going to be, for so little practical value. No other MP is going to such lengths, with their parallel situations. But, then, the HM is relatively new; he'll learn. Eventually.


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