Monday, March 21, 2005

Nothing certain left to know

It is most definitely a good thing that there's persistent and growing American suspicion of lax Canadian attitudes towards those certainly guilty of (at least) aiding and abetting terrorism. But the credibility of such accusations - while basically sound - is not aided by technical gaffes like "Conservative-party" in place of "Conservative Party," or "premier" when meaning "prime minister." Nor does the awkward joke in the lede about Labrador retrievers seem very well thought out, for that matter. Please, NR; try harder, huh? (Via LGF.)


Blogger Steve H - USA said...

The last sentence is key. I am a Minnesotan and my state has very close ties with Canada. My ancestry is part French-Canadian. It would be a pity if we would have to close our border with Canada because they will not do what it takes to allow the US to continue with our open border policies.

Our interference in internal Canadian policy should never go beyond the quiet suggestion, but the US cannot ignore the threat the lax Canadian immigration and internal security policies are to the US's own security.

3/23/2005 08:21:00 AM  

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