Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mea Culpa

Colby Cosh probably offers the best and most reasonable of final interim reactions to the Mayerthorpe killings. I've come to regret jumping to the conclusions I did when the news first hit. Mea culpa; I was wrong. (Though, to be fair, so were both RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli and Minister of Public Safety Anne McLellan.) I still don't like drug use. I do support restrictive drug laws, even if I rationally know that they tend to be either unworkable or overly harsh. (Yes, it's that little libertarian voice in the back of my conscience again, damn him.) But I shouldn't have made the utterly tasteless leap to waving a bloody shirt in support of a policy I know is only barely tenable, at best. I've despised that in others in the past, and I'm sorry I fell into that ideological trap now; not only in the obvious, obnoxiously partisan "This is why good people hate us" context, but because I've felt horribly guilty about it for the past week. May the victims of a violent, unstable madman rest in peace, appreciated, and may no one else on either side of the aisle so attempt to exploit their deaths for political gain.


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