Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In the sunlight, who can see a flame?

Apropos of nothing - and because I notice some hits in my referrer logs looking for information on it - there was a semi-major fire on Bank Street last night, and as it happens I did take the above picture when I was out earlier today. You can expect to see fire crews for most of the day at Bank and Gladstone, following a four-alarm blaze at a pizza shop early this morning. Two fire fighters were sent to hospital with minor injures, but everyone who lived in the residential part of the building escaped unharmed. Still no word on what caused the fire. The flames were first spotted coming out of Milano's Restaurant at around 2 am. It was, to be sure, mildly surreal to be shopping in the Staples across the street with the gutted building still faintly smoking, visible through the front windows.


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