Monday, March 21, 2005

If there's a war on, don't bring me the news

You know the "anti-war" movement is losing steam when even well-wishers such as the Globe & Mail are forced to use artful euphemisms in enumerating the crowd. Small but noisy protests were held across Canada on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I'd considered (if I hadn't been otherwise busy) going out to document the promised local moonbattery, but it appears that would have been wasted effort anyway, given their pathetic turnout: In Ottawa, about 100 protesters, mostly students, waved signs and took over an intersection a block from Parliament Hill. 100? 100? In Ottawa, with the real, genuine US Embassy present, and two overwhelmingly leftist university student bodies (to say nothing of colleges or high schools), one of them largely Francophone, they could only muster 100, to hang around what I assume was probably the corner of Rideau and Sussex? Hah. Every day, my suspicion that they'll go down in history as little more than carbon copies of Charles Lindbergh's old racist, isolationist WWII-opposers seems more on the money - and those unwilling to be tarred with that brush are wising up, and bailing out, fast.


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