Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I could cheer; the reason's clear

Well, it's done. I've ordered my new computer, what ended up being a dual-2.5gHz G5. Given the experiences of the last time I bought something from Apple's online ordering mechanism, I think I can expect to receive it in no less than three weeks, which is my best Scientific Wild-Ass Guess. (Hey, whichever mischevious gnome in the system was responsible for giving me an extra Cinema Display: I wouldn't mind if the tower ended up being mysteriously cloned, either. Just a thought.) So, now, I wait. And, to kill time, consider the name it'll receive (as if it mattered to anyone but me). My current network naming scheme has run out of track to traverse, what with there not being a new Star Trek series set in the present future (as opposed to the past future) for several years, and thus no nifty new Federation starships. (I shouldn't logically name a machine light-years beyond the capabilities of the Defiant as a lesser ship, you see. There are rules to this sort of thing, oh my, yes.) But, then, there's always looking back and forward at the same time. I'm leaning towards Columbia right now - for the best reason no less than the frivolous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I name all my computer stuff after famous ancient heros, mythological or not. My iMac G4 is called Alexander, my family's Power G4 is Amaterasu (the Japanese sun goddess), and my digital camera is Athena. I think the next gizmo I get is going to be Ananda.

3/24/2005 01:09:00 PM  

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