Tuesday, March 15, 2005

For even the blind change their views, and it's time we tried something new

The Senate is being told a useful and realistic fact. For the first time ever, I'm hoping I can be appreciative of their unelected status. Without having to pander to powerful local constituent groups, can they actually make the politically-suicidal-yet-reasonable admission that yes, despite Canada's fantasy multicultural ideals, some groups are, in fact, statistically far more likely to commit acts of terrorism? Here's hoping. "We're not looking for non-Russians when we go after the Russian mafia," pointed out [John] Thompson, president of the Mackenzie Institute, a privately funded research organization that studies political instability and terrorism. Make Russians the primary Liberal voting blocs in a couple of dozen ridings, and you'd be amazed how fast we can start looking for, say, Australians, when going after the Russian mafia.


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