Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Every eye in town's on you, and so it goes

This probably isn't going to be very effective accomplishing anything, but I applaud the sentiment nonetheless: TORONTO -- Two politicians are going door-to-door in an east-end Toronto neighbourhood in hopes of weeding out marijuana grow-houses. Scarborough-Agincourt MP Jim Karygiannis and city councillor Mike Del Grande say their crusade is already a success. Toronto police Superintendent Tony Warr applauds the politicians' efforts, but says they should stick to lawmaking and let the police do the police work. Warr says it's "almost vigilantism." But what's wrong with a little vigilantism anyway, huh? BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 22 - Ordinary Iraqis rarely strike back at the insurgents who terrorize their country. But just before noon today, a carpenter named Dhia saw a troop of masked gunmen with grenades coming towards his shop and decided he had had enough. As the gunmen emerged from their cars, Dhia and his young relatives shouldered their own AK-47's and opened fire, police and witnesses said. In the fierce gun battle that followed, three of the insurgents were killed, and the rest fled just after the police arrived. Two of Dhia's young nephews and a bystander were injured, the police said. "We attacked them before they attacked us," Dhia, 35, his face still contorted with rage and excitement, said in a brief exchange at his shop a few hours after the battle. He did not give his last name. "We killed three of those who call themselves the mujahedeen. I am waiting for the rest of them to come and we will show them." No matter what the stakes, better vigilance, than the dangerous paralysis of waiting for the "proper authorities" to come and do their job... (Via Instapundit.)


Blogger PR said...

I'm sorry, but this one of the stupidest, most superficial things I've ever seen. Who are these idiots going to blame when some gang member starts shooting at them?

3/22/2005 07:00:00 PM  
Blogger Paul Denton said...

In practical terms, it's an ill-thought-out stunt, most certainly. But as a publicity exercise meant specifically to highlight a lack of police attention to the area, I suspect neither would be terribly upset for the attention being attacked would garner.

In fact, I imagine that might be part of the plan - to put themselves, as VIPs who can't be ignored in any event, in the crossfire, and hoping like hell that it's not the literal sort. Foolish, yes; likelihood of becoming an unremarked statistic in a Toronto morgue, low.

3/22/2005 07:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Mook said...

In practical terms, the police going door to door without cause would constitute an illegal search, if they did find anything.

If these individuals are so concerned about the level of police attention given to this issue, better funding to their local police service might be a better answer than stupid self-endangerment.

3/22/2005 07:48:00 PM  
Blogger Steve H - USA said...

Hey Peter, I thought superficial was every politician's middle name!

Mook, are you a liberal? Throwing more money at any problem has never worked. Canada has to raise the level of the crime to one that induces the police to pursue and investigate it, instead of treating it like a traffic ticket.

Canada's pot laws are ridiculus. Either it is a crime or it isn't.

3/23/2005 10:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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