Thursday, March 03, 2005

Down the road, is where I'll always be

I've been assured that the Apple Store is, in fact, just a bit quirky, and that there's probably no need to worry after the other day's mild panic. However, I now have a new mortal enemy: Purolator. While I'm not typically happy with service from any of the delivery companies, UPS especially, at least their tracking software tells me something about where my package is. Purolator, on the other hand, serves up only this steaming load of spreadsheet: 2005/03/03 16:43 Shipment In Transit 2005/03/03 16:42 Received 2005/03/03 00:36 Shipment In Transit 2005/03/03 00:29 Shipment In Transit 2005/03/03 00:28 Shipment In Transit 2005/03/02 08:30 In Transit in U.S. Wow, thanks, guys. It's nice to know that it's "In Transit." Somewhere. Does it really matter where, I guess, as long as I know it's on the move, off seeing the sights and making new friends throughout the heartland? I should be happy for Purolator giving my new display such an opportunity, no? UPS is at least courteous enough to mention where it is at each checkpoint, and it's been mildly amusing to see the circuitous route through Illinois and Ohio my orders of various things from Midwestern suppliers tend to take. On calling to pester Purolator, they guaranteed me I would, of course, receive my package on Monday. Monday. Grrr.


Blogger Chris Taylor said...

Aw don't tell me that! My new PDA is arriving via Purolator Air... damn.

3/03/2005 11:24:00 PM  
Blogger Dr_Funk said...

Once you recall that Purolator is owned by Canada Post, all the pieces fall into place....

3/07/2005 12:48:00 AM  

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