Monday, March 21, 2005

CPC-Con: We don't mean to annoy, but send comfort and joy

I was too preoccupied with more pressing concerns to pay much attention to the rest of the policy convention over the weekend, but it's a relief to read analysis that concludes everything turned out fine; Scott Reid's schism-threatening motion was (literally!) boo'ed down. What irritated me most was the circumstances. I was, at the time of the merger, and remain closer to the Alliance side of the party, at least on finance and foreign policy; the old federal PCs had become weak-sister Liberal lookalikes, mostly unworthy of being an official opposition in any event. Nonetheless, I would have sided with Peter MacKay and his crowd had the threatened re-split gone any further than a threat; to renege on something like the merger's agreement-in-principle is just plain sleazy. (To anyone who would bring up MacKay's betrayal of opportunist perennial party-jumper David Orchard, as barely-refraining-from-snickering anchors and pundits did: Orchard had to be betrayed. Isolationist paleocon crypto-socialists can and should be marginalized without remorse.)


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