Thursday, March 17, 2005

CPC-Con: Please remember that I want us to live

I fear the Tory policy convention is going to be messy. I've been watching CPAC for the past hour while working, and their pre-show convention coverage has been quite good. Some of the subjects thereof, though... A few minutes ago, there was an interview with Craig Chandler of Concerned Christians Canada, making some rather inciendiary statements, most of all demanding a "purge," and promising "there'll be blood" should party policy not go to 11 on the SoCon scale - his words, not mine. He also seemed to think that the reason for losing the last election was a failure to aggressively push a strictly delineated "traditional family" agenda, and considered that the GOP example could demonstrate that a winning party could and should be singularly socially conservative. Oy. I mean, Jeebus, man; the Tories are supposed to be the party that doesn't establish a single-minded, one-tracked party machine. We're supposed to be the people who don't need to demand apostates be cast out, because we can respect a wider range of opinions within the party than the Liberals. What is wrong with you? Are you trying to pre-emptively lose the next election? No matter how satisfying the vicarious Republican victory of 2004 was, this is still Canada. The populace is, first of all, not nearly as socially conservative as Americans; and, more importantly, on average anti-American enough to cast FUD leading to electoral defeat on those who seem so. A Tory win, though never likely to be the Evangelical wonderland CCC (now that's a mildly creepy acronym for you) imagines, will at least be less hostile to Christianity than a Liberal government. Isn't that enough? Get it through your head, Chandler: the Canadian media is hostile to conservatives at large, and social conservatives in particular. It's not fair, but that's the way it is. Do we really have to go through the theatrics of being demanded to enact veiled anti-gay policies that'll sink the party's chances for another full electoral cycle?


Blogger The Monger said...

Hallelujah and bless you brother! You speak the Truth, and the Truth speaks through you!


3/17/2005 06:12:00 PM  
Blogger Snowy said...

Uh, yeah, the U.S. press was soooo friendly towards W, eh? NOT.

Still, he didn't let that hostility shape his agenda in any way, shape or form. He didn't waver but stood up for principles he beleived in, and that's why he's a great leader. And it takes a LEADER to win elections not cozying up to what the press wants.

Sounds like its more than the press that's hostile toward so-Cons, especially of the Christian variety.

3/17/2005 06:41:00 PM  

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