Friday, March 18, 2005

CPC-Con: For that rugged, heavy load

Lordy. CPAC's reporting that the party constitution workshop has passed a resolution to renege on appointing equally weighted convention delegates by riding association, as agreed during the merger process. Under this proposal, riding associations would get one delegate per ten members, up to a maximum of ten for 100 or more. Peter MacKay is said to be furious, what with having personally negotiated the existing equal weighting with Scott Reid and others. Speaking of whom, Scott Reid is behind this for some reason, and I'm disappointed; I tend to like him. He's justifying this in terms of taking control away from the national leadership in determining the total number of delegates at a convention. It's true that some riding associations have few members, but that doesn't mean that it's necessary to proportionally disenfranchise them in the party process. Yes, Reid's riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox has a riding association with 1,000 members, but that doesn't mean that lonely Conservatives from a safe Liberal riding deserve to be silenced. (Moreso, even, because less dense riding associations are likely to have been largely PC, pre-merger.) Sen. Marjory LeBreton is spinning this as just pushing every riding association to sell at least 100 memberships; but, surely, every riding association is already doing all they can to raise funds in that manner. If they're unable, I don't see how that requires punishment at the internal representative level. Weird-ass petty power-plays like this - no matter how silly or immaterial - are not making me regret neglecting to renew my membership.


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