Friday, March 18, 2005

And this monster is mysterious at least

Can't sleep, clown will touch me: March 18, 2005 -- MICHAEL Jackson can't catch a break. "The Simpsons" creator, Sam Simon, went on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday and shared a weird memory of when Jacko was a guest star on the animated series, lending his voice to a mental patient with a shaved head. As recalled by Simon, Jackson demanded the script be changed so his character could spend more time with Bart. So Simon gave Jackson a scene where he spends the night alone with Bart in his room. Simon added that during the voice recording, someone gave Jackson a giant Bart Simpson doll — and that when he thought no one was looking, Jackson started to kiss the doll. These things make more and more sense in retrospect. "Stark Raving Dad," the episode in question, was the season premiere episode of 1991. Michael Jackson has been blatantly telegraphing loonball pedophilic behaviour at least that long. How is it even possible that a) parents have been willing to let children out of their sight with this man, and b) no court's been able to convict him, in the last fifteen years?


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