Sunday, February 06, 2005

A sad little king in a drunken decline, from your weak little chin to your weak little spine

My initial hunches about American Dad - from back in July of last year - seem to have been largely correct; the political humour was what could charitably be termed excruciatingly stupid. Or painfully juvenile, even; these were the kind of one-dimensional jibes a fourteen-year-old might think clever. The one scene that rose above stupid hippie/evil right-winger gags was a CBS News (!) story, showing George Bush talking to God on the phone - presented, of course, by Dan Rather. I wonder if that was that animated before or after Rathergate? (God, as it turns out, answers to Dick Cheney. Derisive, Jack Chick-esque HAW HAW!) One thing I'll grant is that it has a peppy theme song. More than anything, though, the show was just plain lame - and that's not something an auteur like Seth Macfarlane, riding on a reputation of being "edgy," can really afford to be.


Blogger Rob Huck said...

A talking dog and a football-headed baby were weird but they seemed to fit in. An alien and a goldfish with a brain of an East German ski jumper? It's pushing into cool-weird Nickleodeon territory ... I can't see it lasting more than a few episodes on Fox.

I agree with the lame-ass political humour. Although there were few humourous scenes -- the dad stealing the purse was predictible but still funny - and although I tried to keep an open mind, it didn't quite work out. The jokes seem too temporal and will likely insult many of those who actually take this War on Terror thing seriously.

Why couldn't have MacFarland stuck with the Family Guy?

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