Monday, February 14, 2005

Not a single document in order

I met with the new honourable member (hereafter HM) today, to discuss the work I'll be doing. He seems nice enough, if indeed a rather demanding PHB-type, wanting to know exactly what my rate of work will be processing the documents in question. My answer: I couldn't say, without going excessively into generalities. Just looking at the setup of the process, I can see it taking either a very short or onerously long length of time for each one, with no way of knowing which until I get to it. (And that's not even considering the other problem involved, in properly filing the results, for which the office isn't prepared. But I digress.) The other thing I learned today - or rather, was irritatingly reminded of - is that the pass control office in the Wellington Building closes at 4, not 5. (And not 4:30, as the guard at the front desk seemed to think.) I've been issued a badge before, so I'm already in the system; it was just a matter of making the formal written request to the Sergeant-at-Arms' office. That, however, still takes at least one full business day, so I couldn't get it done on Thursday or Friday; I'm going to have to go in again, Wednesday; my Tuesday classes preclude making that 4:00 deadline. This seems to be taking an awful lot of time during business hours, for a job that I'm supposed to be able to accomplish nights and weekends. (I'm not ungrateful. I'm just, y'know, saying.)