Saturday, February 19, 2005

Grasp the message, staff?

Ain't It Cool has more on that godawful new version of Looney Tunes, including video. It must be seen to be believed. Among other things, "Duck" (No Daffy, just "Duck") is "the weapons expert," and "Lexi" (retread of soulless, already focus-grouped-to-death 90s cast addition Lola Bunny) is "the disguise expert." Interestingly, there's still only one (short) animated sequence in this clip not apparently re-edited from other WB productions, the not-Bugs Bunny (TO THE EXTREME!) character menacingly - yet mechanically - reciting the line "What's Up, Doc." This entire media campaign has, amusingly, so far been sold on the merits of a single model sheet (composited and filtered and whatnot) given the illusion of animation. I'm actually starting to become slightly impressed with the chutzpah of WB Animation regarding Loonatics. Either this is a pre-emptive unveiling to kill the entire mess with bad press before real money is actually sunk into animation, some sort of internal maneuvering to impress upon clueless suits the danger of insulting fans - I don't recall this much detail in so many media outlets about any other projects still at least six months to a year away from airing - or someone at WB's career is seriously riding on this thing, and the mook in question has convinced the marketing department on a full-speed-ahead, damn-the-torpedoes hard sell. Either way, I'm now fairly certain Loonatics is never going to air. At least, not in this form. (I hope.)


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