Monday, February 07, 2005

Color, charm and such

If I didn't already have an iPod (stalwart little 3G John Quincy) this is such an adorable ad - beyond anything Apple's ever put out, for that matter, in terms of how much sheer love it has for the product - that it'd make me pretty much have to run out and buy one. It's that good. If there's any justice in the ad business, the hobbyist creator will be snapped up by some marketing firm, pronto. (An aside: one thing that Apple is so supremely good at is designing with real character. The iPod has personality; the iPod mini, more so. Imagine that same ad with a generic WMA-compatible, FM tuner-included, voice recording clunker of an MP3 player. It wouldn't work. It wouldn't be cute. It wouldn't be loveable. Personality, it must never be forgotten, goes a long way.) (Via Brian Tiemann.)


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