Saturday, February 12, 2005

Appearances altered, but most of the names are the same

Instapundit gets some hate mail regarding thoughts on losing Democratic strategies, from one Mark Gunnion: Fuck you. Your side is the Taliban side. I hope all of you Bush-loving idiots wake up some day to how you have been hoodwinked into empowering 12th century religious fanatics - in OUR country. But I doubt it will happen. You got your $32,000 tax cut, so you'll put up with a little preaching. YOU are the American Taliban. Now, Gunnion seems to be a fairly rare name. "Mark Gunnion," in Google, pulls up only a handful of hits all seemingly the same San Franciscan, matching the anti-Bush profile pretty neatly - which makes what seems to be almost certainly the hate-mailer's personal/business site rather interesting: I am a freelance creative namer with over nine years of experience in all aspects of brand naming and commercial language development. I create long lists of great name ideas for new products, brands, services, and campaigns. I've worked on hundreds of naming projects over the years, and I'm sure I've had some experiences that would apply to any naming challenge you may be working on. Between February of 1996 and February of 2000, I worked on over 200 naming projects for a dozen brand consultants nationwide. My clients have included Landor Associates, Metaphor Name Consultants, Lexicon, Name-It, Brandslinger, WordWorking, Interbrand/Wood, The Design Company, Primo Angeli, The Hayden Group, Addis, and Luxon-Carra Design here in Northern California. [...] I've worked for many years in various capacities in the market research industry, and have done lots of press release and marketing writing for the entertainment, tourism, and retail trades here in San Francisco. I also had a pretty good run as a songwriter/rock star back during the Reagan administration. These days, I'm a full-time namer. Whether it's for a creative name list for a single project, or for an ongoing relationship to deal with all the issues involved in brand development, I am available, and I hope you'll give me a call for your next 'brand-name' project. Yes, Mr. Gunnion is a "full-time namer." No wonder name-calling is the most eloquent form of argument he knows. (He's also an enthusiastic cog in the corporate machine. Isn't the angry left usually all Grrr concerning big business, and branding, and whatnot, these days, or did I miss something?)


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