Tuesday, February 08, 2005

And they clamor to put his remarks on the air

Sour grapes from the CBC over losing Olympic broadcast rights: "In preparing our bid to the IOC, we knew, and we know still, that competing to win the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games at any cost is simply not a reasonable proposition for us," said Rabinovitch in the statement. "CBC/Radio-Canada has an obligation to taxpayers to be fiscally responsible." If the CBC's management actually believed that, why were they bidding on the Olympics at all, knowing the likely cost? For that matter, why would they broadcast anything but the cheapest possible properties? Why would they build a brand new, glamourous headquarters building six blocks away on Sparks Street? I'd believe that the Mother Corporation was fiscally responsible the moment it started looking as low-budget as PBS. I'd believe that its radio networks were being competently managed as soon as they started taking the same ads as every other station. I don't know if the CBC ever has been responsible in their casual extraction and use of taxpayers' money, but they certainly aren't right at the moment. The network's primary obligations have always been to its own survival, its employees' cushy gigs, and the Liberal Party, in that order; tales of serious commitment to Canadians at large are somewhat less that believable, in that context.


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