Sunday, January 02, 2005

We have gold, a market that will hold

Cheap Chinese imports? Old news. Unless they're cars. I'm probably the prime market for such a car - young, single, without too too much disposable income, and though occasionally swayed by slick marketing and design, not unwilling to drive something tiny and fuel-efficient. (Either a Hummer H2 or a subcompact, that's my motto.) I'm still not sure I'd buy one, even if the chance presented itself; I continue to be torn between avoiding funding the Chinese economy for political reasons, and encouraging their transition to (sort-of) capitalism. It's not as though I consciously boycott Chinese products, or anything like that; it'd be hard to be pragmatic about finances and keep up that kind of ethical high-mindedness for long on a daily basis, with what I live on. Still, if I was going to make a (relatively) cheap major purchase of the automobile variety, there's always South Korean oddball Daewoo. Market forces have far-reaching impact, as we sometimes need to be reminded; I'd like to think I help point the local, national and global economy - in whatever small way I have influence over - in a positive direction.


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