Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Smoke on your pipe and put that in

Don't like taking personal responsibility for your own decisions and self-delusions? Try to offload the blame to the federal government: A group of public health advocates wants the courts to order a federal agency to decide on a course of action in the scrap over "light" and "mild" cigarettes. To that end, they filed an application with the Federal Court of Canada on Monday. We now live in the Fantastic World of Tomorrow that is the year 2005. Is there really anyone left in Canada who still doesn't understand, after years of public health campaigns, scientific research, and media frenzies - at the very least, on an abstract level - that smoking is not what could be called a healthy and life-enhancing habit? Is it really necessary to ban marketing terms like "light" and "mild?" Anyone taking up smoking here and now would have to be willfully blind to be unaware of the risks involved. Even doubters ought to be convinced by the empirical evidence that their smoker's cough doesn't go away, switching to a "light" brand. On the libertarian side of things, I resent this in that it's regulation in lieu of personal responsibility; however, given that the consequences of smoking are financially shared by the entire country via socialized medicine, I suppose it's a necessary tactic. It shouldn't be, though. That's the problem with 'free' health care; it all but formally requires a creeping nanny-statist philosophy in all domestic policy, in order to protect the public from itself.


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