Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The other show has just left town, and the one who played the clown, was a bad, bad man

As if CBS News hasn't jumped the shark half a dozen times already in the past year, each time more spectacularly awful than before, there are now possible plans afoot to make the Evening News more of a joke. Asked twice, Moonves wouldn't rule out a role on the evening news for Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, whose "The Daily Show" skewers politicians and the news media each night. Moonves is co-chief executive of Viacom, which owns both CBS and Comedy Central. At least, I suppose, his addition in a team of rotating co-anchors would be a blatant admission of both partisan bias and profound unseriousness. That'd be nice to see, given the network's general lack of contriteness for Rathergate. It still won't make me watch, except maybe once, to gawk at the horrors therein.


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