Monday, January 10, 2005

It's over now, I know inside

It's good to see that Viktor Yushchenko has finally been confirmed as the legitimate winner of the Ukrainian elections; perhaps, now, the consequences of Russian interference will finally start to be dealt with. Russia is - not that this is a unique observation or anything - not actually an ally of the west at the moment, even without the Cold War threat of incipient MAD. But has it ever been? One of the classes I'm taking this term is titled "Russia in Transition," an examination of the collapse of the USSR through to the resurgence of very traditionally Russian authoritarianism under Putin; the professor (a wild-haired Manxman, and not exactly the first person I'd think of as once and future head of the Russian Studies department) takes great delight in pointing out that he's teaching "contemporary history," that can and does change by the day. I'm going to enjoy the eventual lecture that deals with Ukraine 2004; having the benefit of years of distance from history might make for a more coherent narrative, but seeing the here and now of just weeks ago in historical context is just plain fascinating.


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