Thursday, January 13, 2005

The evil that men do lives after them

The for-your-own-good creeping authoritarianism of the official language police has no place in Quebec, let alone Ontario: Clarence-Rockland has passed a bylaw requiring new businesses to post signs that give equal prominence to French and English, likely making it the first Ontario municipality to regulate the language on signs. Just for a change, I'd like to see some Ontario municipality try to start punishing businesses for having prominent French signs. I'd like to see bylaw officers going around measuring the size of signs in every muncipality without a majority unilingual-Francophone population, handing out fines for daring to pollute such a pure language with signs in wicked, imperialistic tongue. It'd never happen, of course; Anglais, c'est la seulement langue mauvaise en ville. I resent the liberal-guilt-encouraged official encroachment of French where it's unnecessary, but here in Ottawa, it's at least understandable. Nowhere else in Ontario, however. That's where I draw the line. Haughty and arrogant actions like those of Rockland don't make me feel any more warmly towards Franco-Ontarians. Like much that is asinine about modern Canada, the impetus for such initiatives can be directly blamed on Trudeau. Thanks, again, ever-so-much for the Official Languages Act and the Charter, you tool.


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