Monday, January 10, 2005

Everybody's playing the game, but nobody's rules are the same

"Bush: I'd welcome Abbas to White House." Erg. Just how many terror bombings is he going to have to mastermind before it's generally realized he should be exactly the same persona non grata as Arafat was, by the end? Given where he's getting his support, I'm not confident anything has, in fact, changed. Until and unless he starts serious negotiations with Israel - i.e., ones that don't demand "removal of the Zionist entity" as an all-or-nothing provision of acceptance - this seems like more of the same from a profoundly disturbed culture. Moreover, as if it needs to be said, I'm a bit disappointed in Bush for acknowledging Abbas' victory with any more than a cursory non-comment. When he starts cooperating, and if he calls off or fights back against the multiple different terrorist organizations semi-officially supported or directed by the Palestinian Authority, that's the time to be warm and gracious, and no sooner.


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