Monday, January 17, 2005

Doomed, broken souls, in a thousand asylums

Can we question their patriotism yet? "I sort of felt ashamed, and didn't really want to be associated with being an American," said Rothchild, who lives in New York City and voted for John Kerry. Her solution? Creating a business devoted to selling only self-indulgent "Please, Europeans, love me, for I'm not one of those Americans" wristbands. Here's a thought: Why not move it up to the arm, for visibility? Why not put some sort of identifiable symbol or icon on it too, just to make absolutely sure everyone knows you refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the duly elected government? How about organizing some sort of mass demonstrations with choreographed, stylized display thereof, as well? Let us know how you really feel. Rothchild, who is selling the bracelets on the Web in packages of 10 for $20, plans to give part of her profits to UNICEF [...] Funding agencies of the most hideously corrupt transnational bureaucracy on Earth with the proceeds, too? I think someone may have missed the point of the election's outcome, somehow.


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